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Who am I?
My name is Jim, and I'm a Sergeant of Marines and Aviation Ordnanceman, who spent twelve years on Active and Reserve duty before pulling the bonehead move of getting out; once you're out it's hard to get back... After that, I spent a considerable amount of time working various tech support and customer satisfaction positions with MCI and Hewlett-Packard before deciding it was time to use my GI Bill to finish my college education. Taking classes here and there while I was on active duty, coupled with pre-military college time allowed me to transfer 41 credits into CSU when I applied, so I recommend all Marines take advantage of all the education opportunities available to them while in Uncle Sam's service.

I'm also an information sponge, and for the past decade or so have enjoyed wheeling and working on the Jeep XJ Cherokee as well as a 1973 Jeep CJ-5. I'm currently on my second Cherokee and as you can see have done a considerable amount of work on it.

There are some who would also say I'm a glutton for punishment; I wrote all of the content for this website using Notepad, a very basic text editor.

A relative?
But why "Yucca-Man"?
In 1996 while at CAX (Combined Arms Exercise) in 29 Palms, California I was walking guard duty one night in our ordnance compound. I'm not a small guy, and as Gunnery Sergeant Jon Fimea came around the corner of a tent and saw me silhouetted against the lights of the main camp, he almost took out a tent in his haste to back up and get out of there. As he related the story, the "Yucca-Man" is a relative of the Pacific Northwest's Sasquatch or Bigfoot, and has been sighted a few times around the 29 Palms area over the years.

One report in the early 70s came from a guard at the armory who bumped into something that bent his rifle in half before leaving him alone in the dark. Other reports have the Yucca-Man ambling around the high desert near 29 Palms and Joshua Tree Park, finding tents in the wilderness and eating the crunchy things in those handy carrying bags...

I'll admit there's some resemblance under certain conditions, especially when I wander around barefoot with my Size 15s - but that's all I'll say without a Court Order.

Who am I not?
I'm not the Nevada 'yuccaman' created by environmental groups and the Nevada Democratic Party, bent on stopping the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. I'm also not the guy who posts porn on various newsgroups around the Internet. Google has a way of helping narrow that down.

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