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John the Penn smites Topicus

Part VI

Topicus had a long planned fishing vacation but there was still much brooding. A circumstance had arisen to the north, again. Word had filtered down from the Wilderness that John the Pennsylvanian had a new Magic Stick. He could actually touch one on the forehead, leave the mark of the beast, and ZAP! they were gone! She had to make an emergency run up there.

At the edge of the Mud Pits Topicus stopped and called out, "Hey, JP bring thy old stick out of hiding and test it against a REAL Warrior!"

John the Penn came up out of the ooze, throwing clay (no, REALLY throwing his pots about, due to some contrasting colors). "Well, well! It be the 'mighty' Topicus who sneaketh attack and run! I have something for you 'oh mighty filler of the tights'!" Whereupon he withdrew a mighty stick (looking a lot like an oversized swagger stick) from his garment, flew up out of the mud, and was upon the startled Topicus with a single bound. He did not smite her but touched the Magic Stick to her forehead. Lightning flashed, thunder rolled and a million stars flew about the hapless warrior as she flew through the air and landed on her (well lets just say she landed) back in the shadow of the Far Blue Mountains!

She shook it off rather quickly, being Zapped and all. Then she bellowed so loud that the birds from the FBMs to the Wilderness were distrubed and arose in great fearful waves! "Just you wait 'enry 'iggins (whoops, wrong story again!)... Just you wait John the Penn. I have vacation accumulated and a fishing trip and thy will not stand in my way. But retribution awaits thee upon my return!" She wasn't through, "You think the wrath of God be something? Just wait until you find out my plans for thy Magic Stick"!

Then Topicus began packing her gear for the trip to the Land of the Salmon.

Royal P.I.T.A.

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