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Great Mama's Gathering

Part IV

She dwells under the benevolent gaze of the Mountain Lookout, the Lady Supreme Ruler, decended from a Scythian Priestess. Who knows how she drifted over here from her faraway land centuries earlier. As one would expect the bloodline lent itself to advising and counseling others. (Actually being a Supreme worked its way on down through the centuries and resulted in a singing group of that name.) Some called her Sister Devine while others just called her Great Mama! This land in which she dwelled was far into southern reaches of the Far Blue Mountains. A great river in the shape of a serpent curls through the valley.

A call went out all about the Land of a gathering of her Chieftains in the regions far away and near. The Great Mama dispatched hunters and gatherers about the countryside to bring in the finest meats, grains and sweets of all manner from the fields, woods and hives. She had killed the fatted calf, the fatted pig, the fatted chickens and even plucked a turkey in anticipation of the hungry multitides from those distant lands. She also brought together her subjects close by who dwelled in the fertile valley below.

All manner of conveyance came across the valley up into the ridges and were drawn round about the fortification at her hillside abode. (Those with Iron Chariots didn't have a ride since there was unusual rain in that season and some were still stuck in the mud.) The Chieftains came from the far cold North, the great blue waters to the East, from the Far Blue Mountains, the flat lands west of the GBMs. Some journeyed from the grand Piedmont that lay South where a great city was to arise in a few centuries. It would be named for Atlantis, but it would not be "lost" but disappear in flames. The strangest conveyance was a warrior known through the land who rode in on a huge Brown Bear with her Louisville slugger across her shoulder. We don't have space to go into it at this time, but when the bear growled she gave it a stern look and said, "I thought we saw eye to eye, do you understand?" The bear hung his head and mumbled inaudibly but didn't make eye contact. (This is another story and will be dealt with a a later date.)

The Chieftains were adorned in all manner of garments, but all seemed to have insignia that tied the divergent tribes into some strange and fierce warrior group. They had a symbol common to all of them attached on to every appendage and to every conveyance. They spoke in many tongues but still had a common language with which they did make boast. They brought with them all kinds of brew squeezed from grains of their region. Why, one from the shores of the great Blue Ocean region even brought a black brew that was bitter to the tongue. He bid others to partake but and an old and wise one saith, "Thy brew be black, bro. The golden liquid has surely rotted!" One Chieftain had a fiery woman who brought forth a fiery concoctions squeezed from the corn kernel. A strange fruit was thrown into it. It is said to be likened unto a witch's brew, thus the reference to the moon when it was passed around. It seemed to make fierce warriors, who had experienced every vile fluid from all over the world, become repentant. We know that repentance works because as each took a mighty swallow they were heard to cry out, "Holy Sh*t!" Tears sprang to their eyes as they looked to the heavens. Horse voices did proclaim "Woohee, we findest this good!"

They ate and drink for two days and nights. With bleeding eyes they gathered for a last morning meal with the Great Mama and did proclaim over and over that of all the great mamas she was the best damn Great Mama of all!

Royal P.I.T.A.

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