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Note that although I listed the ranks with their paygrade (Sergeant - E5, etc), Marines do not refer to each other by paygrade, such as "E5" - instead we refer to the rank earned. The title Sergeant of Marines and all other ranks are earned, not given. Additionally, Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (Staff NCOs) are referred to using their full rank, and not "Sarge" or "Sergeant" which is prevalent in some other services. A Staff Sergeant has a different set of responsibilities than a Sergeant, and should be addressed as Staff Sergeant in order to reflect the fact that the Marine has been promoted and entrusted with the responsibilities of the higher rank.

2d Lieutenant - O1
Second Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant - O2
First Lieutenant
Captain - O3
Major - O4
Lieutenant Colonel - O5
Lieutenant Colonel
Colonel - O6
Brigadier General - O7
Brigadier General
Major General - O8
Major General
Lieutenant General - O9
Lieutenant General
General - O10
Warrant Officers

Warrant Officer - W1
Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer 2 - W2
Chief Warrant Oficer 2
Chief Warrant Officer 3 - W3
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Chief Warrant Officer 4 - W4
Chief Warrant Officer 4
Chief Warrant Officer 5 - W5
Chief Warrant Officer 5
Private - E1  No insignia of Rank


Private First Class - E2  One Chevron only

Private First Class

Lance Corporal - E3  One Chevron, Crossed Rifles in Center

Lance Corporal

Corporal - E4  Two Chevrons, Crossed Rifles in Center


Sergeant - E5  Three Chevrons, Crossed Rifles in Center

Staff Sergeant - E6  Three Chevrons, One Rocker, Crossed Rifles in Center

Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant - E7  Three Chevrons, Two Rockers, Crossed Rifles in Center

Gunnery Sergeant

First Sergeant - E8  Three Chevrons, Three Rockers, Diamond in Center

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major - E9  Three Chevrons, Four Rockers, Star in Center

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps - E9  Three Chevrons, Four Rockers, Eagle Globe and Anchor with one star on each side.  Senior Enlisted Marine

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Master Sergeant - E8  Three Chevrons, Three Rockers, Crossed Rifles in Center
Master Sergeant
Master Gunnery Sergeant - E9  Three Chevrons, Four Rockers, Bursting Bomb in Center
Master Gunnery Sergeant

From time to time, Marines realize that they have lost their graduation pictures from Boot Camp. While not all platoons are available, the best place to check is with the following:
MCRD San Diego
MCRD Parris Island

MCCS Recruit Photo
P.O. Box 5100
Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Parris Island, South Carolina

Platoon Photos: To purchase Platoon Grad photos, please visit the Marine Corps Community Service website:
Platoon Photos: Platoon photos dating back to 1939 are available through Recruit Photo by calling (843)228-1555.
Graduation Videos/DVD's: To receive a video of graduation, please call (619)725-6294 and place the order over the phone. You will need to have a credit card ready to purchase by phone. The customer service representative assisting you can help you with price, shipping charges, etc. Graduation Videos/DVD's: Graduation videos dating back to Nov. 5, 1999, and DVDs dating back to May 23, 2003, can be ordered by calling 800-889-6734.
Individual Photos: To obtain individual photos, the yearbook office can be reached @ (619)296-3840. Individual Photos: Individual photos of Marines are also available but only go back for four years. To find out how to get photos, call Recruit Photo at (843)228-1555.
Graduation Books: The yearbook office keeps records for two years. For more information they can be contacted by calling (619)296-3840. For books older than two years, you can contact the MCRD Historical Society (619)524-4426. Graduation Books: Recruit training series books are not available.
References: MCRD Parris Island FAQ and MCRD San Diego FAQ

If you are unable to find your book or photos through the MCRD, eBay often has Recruit Books and other Marine paraphernalia on their site. Buyer beware however....

Shown below is another one of those charts that really means nothing, but from time to time I've been asked questions about how long it takes to make certain ranks. The table below lists the minimums for Time in Grade (how long the Marine has been at the current rank) and Time in Service (calculated based on the amount of time on contract, not including pre-Boot Camp DEP). These are Federally-mandated times, and are used for regular promotion, and if I can find the original site I believe the Time in Service minimum is enforced even for meritorious promotions except in the case of non-rate (PFC, LCpl).
Rank Time in Grade
Time in Service
SgtMaj/MGySgt 3 years 10 years
1stSgt 4 years 8 years
MSgt 4 years 8 years
GySgt 3 years 6 years
SSgt 27 months 4 years
Sgt 12 months 24 months
Cpl 8 months 12 months
LCpl 8 months 9 months
PFC 6 months 6 months

Pics of Marines in Iraq are sorted by unit where I could determine that info, others were sent to me by the Marine or their family, asking that it be included and shared with the world.

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created: Mar 26, 2003
Updated Sep 22, 2006