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As you can tell, I have a Jeep. I subscribe to the "real Jeeps are built, not bought" theory although if you have to spend a lot of extra cash to have someone install your shocks, that's fine. Mechanics have to stay in business somehow.

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CJ? XJ? TJ? What kind of Jeep is this? You'll hear those terms bandied about quite a bit by Jeepers, and sometimes at the parts store it can come in handy to know what you're talking about as well.
Name Years made Comments
BJ Current Beijing Jeeps - made (and sold) in China under license to Daimler-Chrysler
CJ 1942-1986 4WD "Universal" Jeeps including CJ-2, -3, -3B, -5, -6, -7, and -8
DJ   Postal Jeep, 2WD, model numbering similar to the CJ series.
FC   Forward Control trucks. These ungainly critters were cab-over-engine designs, with the driver sitting over the front wheels.
FJ   Wrong group, you've got a Toyota.
GP or GPW WWII WWII US Military designation for 80" Wheelbase, 1/4-ton 4wd reconnaissance car
JK 2007- Wrangler - now available in a 4-door model
KJ 2002-present "Liberty" replacement for the XJ Cherokee
LJ 2004-2006 Wrangler Unlimited - Same basic layout as a TJ Wrangler, but with an additional 15" body length including 10" longer wheelbase. Because of the mechanical similarity, this model is usually addressed in the same tech pages as the TJ.
MA WWII Original WWII Military Jeep, designed by Bantam Car Company
MB WWII Willys MB WWII Military Jeep
MJ 1984-1991 Uni-bodied Comanche pickup (closely related to XJ) - 113" and 119" wheelbase
SJ early 60s to 1991 (full size) Wagoneer, pickups, also the Grand Wagoneer
TJ 1997-2006 Wrangler - Round Headlights, Quadra-coil suspension.
There was no 1996 model year Wrangler
VJ late 40s? Jeepster Commando
VJ or VK future "Ikon" Possible name for next-generation Wrangler
Willys II future Another prototype
WJ 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee
WK 2005- Grand Cherokee
XJ 1984-2001 Cherokee and Wagoneer (downsized models)
YJ 1987-1995 Wrangler - square headlights, leaf springs.
There was no 1996 model year Wrangler
ZJ 1992-1998 Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer
?K 2006-

Commander. Three rows of seating along with Independent Front Suspension. It looks like the illegitimate love child of a Dodge Durango and a Hummer H2...with a little Scion xB thrown in the family tree for good measure. Whatever happened to the days when they actually sold Jeeps and not glorified minivans?

Let's not even discuss the Patriot, Compass, and other recent horror stories from Jeep. At least Daimler-Chrysler finally split...

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